Who We R…

HINGE~POINTA point or circumstance on which subsequent events depend.

We are a network of people who are in the process of evaluating & reconsidering what it means to be a Christ Follower & what it means to be the Church…. this is a very normal thing to do… Nothing new under the sun… In Fact, it is a Very Healthy thing to do!

It’s a no brainer…. that systems  are in need of rebooting, & what we have found out was, that in our attempts to introduce reconsidering certain aspects concerning Christian Living & Church applications, (we’re not talking about the core dogmas of Christianity here) much of the current Leadership was in no place to give our contributions an appropriate amount of evaluative time… Which is well understood, as many Leaders are going through a white–knuckling of sorts, as they try their hardest to keep “things” propped up & survivable…


We moved on… out into an Exile of some kind… Call it being Marginalized or whatever… it really doesn’t matter what the “tag” is… but it is essential to understand the times in which we are living in… & to have a grasp on where we are heading… thus HINGE~POINT hopes to provide a platform, a sounding room if U would, where anyone can feel free to share His or Her experiences while encouraging others as they feel they are being pushed out into the great Unknown.. Of course there will be some tension amidst the discussions, but every attempt will be to practice a vital principle from Grace & Mercy International’s Core Essential Principles… “Everyone is doing the Best they can with the information they have received up to this point”…  With this understanding in operation, it should assist everyone in Communicating Courageously & Considerately… This Platform is NOT about tearing down people, systems, or organizations, but  it’s intentions are to assist people as they feel God  moving them through Contemplative & Challenging  Seasons of their Spiritual Journey…WE are thankful for our Spiritual Traditions that have contributed to our Spiritual well-being thus far, & we are willing to Follow God as He directs us into the Future.  It is well understood that as we continue our Spiritual Journey that the Essentials of the Christian Faith are firmly adhered to.


  • The Holy Scriptures (BIBLE) reveal the Truth
  • The Fall In the Garden ~ SIN Invades the Human Race
  • Salvation in Christ ~ Salvation & Forgiveness of SIN(s)
  • Holy Spirit  & CHURCH Given to Empower the Believer to Live
  • Christ will Return for His Church
  • God will Judge Everyone Perfectly
  • God will make all things New…

We are at the first phase & will be introducing some topics of interest shortly… Encouraging each other is paramount in the season of change that many of us find ourselves in…

Grace & Peace.


One Response to “Who We R…”

  1. hingepoint August 21, 2010 at 6:22 pm #

    It is impossible to Ride 2 Bikes at the same time… and expect to get to where I want to be safely… it is much easier to get off the one… and choose to start riding the one I best believe suites my directional path…. Ride On….

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