Ask Some Questions…

12 Aug

What are You Hearing?

What does it look like from your perspective? What is your take on things? From your perspective, How is it? Your viewpoint is not only highly valuable; it is ultimately needed to help us all get it together. You can see things that others may not be seeing. The places you walk & the people you talk with are giving you a needed insight that must be included in the greater response of what this Generation is Crying out for. Well, what is it? Give it a Go… What are real people asking questions about, not the political charged people who are feeding their own bottom line & don’t even know it, but the people who have nothing to lose because they have no political latter to be climbed. What are they asking about? What is their Hearts Cry? What is their pain index? How is God working in their current situation? Where has Grace shown up and given an insight that there can be a better tomorrow, really! Or even a better Right Now. What about the things that have been broken, the systems that just didn’t measure up. What are people saying about these things? Their voices must be heard, if we are going to be effective in Embracing this generation with the Grace of God. People are experiencing all sorts of hardships; I mean really bad circumstances, what are they saying about it? We must be asking these questions. The questions must be asked. Above this, the people’s response must be given an opportunity to be heard, openly & clearly, not with sanctioned religious filters. Only after people can share their real situation, feelings, & pains will we be able to get a much clearer understanding on what this generation is crying out for. The questions may not be easy to ask, this I know, because once we hear clearly what others are experiencing we will be left with a choice. That is either to listen with open ears & heart, and be willing to engage & embrace while offering help & support, or to cling onto our own presumptions & pretend we are listening while shaking our head with a yes but in our heart really meaning no. My hope is that we will start asking these questions and more importantly start listening to people’s responses. I believe we will hear traces of God’s voice in their responses, the voices might be painful, but in them we can gain a divine insight into the Heart of God. Let’s ask some questions instead of just downloading information onto people.. I believe we all will be very surprised in the amazing wisdom that will reveal itself in the process. By the way, we are all humans in the journey of life together, the good the bad the happy the sad, its all ours moment by moment. What does the Cry sound like to you? Ask some questions. Share the responses… Grace & Peace


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