Confirmation # ONE MILLION…

18 Oct

“The perception of the new step will come only to those brave enough to stop dancing with the old.  The realization that we must descend this low Peak will come only to those prepared to stop and take stock of their position.  We fear that if we stopped for a week, a month, a service, a moment, we might be forgotten, or lose our momentum, weaken our profile, appear ill-thought and failing.  So we feed the ecclesiastic furnaces our burned-out wrecks: tired leaders, dissolutioned ministers, fatigued congregations–marshaling them to dance longer, march faster, pray Harder, cry louder in earnest for God to come, come, COME and batter our hearts into change.

We must be brave enough to stop if we’re to see change.  “Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.”  In other words, “Our structures must serve us, not us serve them.”  This is the vital truth that the owners of the railroad missed.  The only way to consider whether our structures are serving us is to stop and reflect on them.  To dismantle them; take them apart, piece by piece.  Expose them to the air.  Lay them on the ground where everyone can walk around them and get a good look at them without the pressures of meetings and deadlines and agendas.  This is the beginning of empowerment: we must allow people space and time to return to the deep simplicity of things, and spend time mulling over the fundamentals, the nuts and bolts that interlock to make our complex lives.

To stop people in their tracks, to stop yourself, and suggest that the way to higher peaks is actually to return to the valleys, is a brave act of true leadership.  It is an admission that the way we have been—the road we have been traveling—has reached a dead end; it is thus a daring statement renouncing power; and declaring that leadership will no longer exercise it, but will serve by empowering.

This is a dangerous invitation for newness, carrying the risk that those we give such freedom to… might freely walk away, or freely imagine something better than we had.  But freedom must be what we are about.  So the truly free, the brave who truly seek God, we’ll always have periods, commas, full stops, punctuation marks, pregnant pauses, breves and semibreves of silence where those around them are given the freedom to walk; given space to deconstruct structures, to reimagine and rethink.  Blue-sky thinking cannot happen while we rush around under thunder clouds of business.  “We must bear fruit,” Christ tells us.  But outside our genetically modified, globalized supermarkets, fruit trees only bear fruit once a year and then their branches are stripped of leaves in the cold winter of the advent.”  Kester Brewin

The words written by Brewin put things into vivid perspective… My personal experience echoes with conformation as I have worked closely with many who are running themselves and others into broken pieces while they try to keep the “Machines” which man have made… running.

I  breath much more freely since my departure from Religious Entities… I hit the STOP BUTTON…  It has been challenging at times, but I feel very confident of the direction in which the Spirit is Guiding…  We live in a Generation of “Instant Everything,” but the changes that are being mandated will take much time, with immense, reflective interaction. I am very grateful for the willingness of those Leaders who  step up & speak out, on what they believe is needed for this season… Grace & Peace


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