Great Dispersia… “What U Talkin-bout?”

5 Oct

Mass Exodus Continues “The Great Dispersia” ‘Paradigm-Shift’ Call it what U May!

The “Attractional” mode of Gathering {“You must come HERE”} eventually runs out of “Tight-Rope-Acts” to gain an Audience~~~The Westernized Commercial Approach to Everything!!!  Meanwhile, HIS SPIRIT continues to prompt many to Embrace Fresh Beginnings of Random Sorts. “Knowing the Seasons is Crucial” JESUS knew very well when He said “Fresh Wine Must Be Put Into Fresh Bottles!” Unique Times!

It Helps all of us, if we are able to have a healthy dialogue on what is Happening in our Western Culture… People must speak up or risk the fear of becoming obsolete.  It is good news to know, that there are Millions of people wrestling with the above mentioned situations & issues… I believe that over the next Five to Ten Years or so,  A Portion of the Church (people gathering in Jesus Name~whether its 2 or 2 Million) will be faced with a season of being in Obscurity as it Works through a clarifying of what it means to be Christian & what it means to be the Church… While at the same time many will continue their current mode of “Christianity.” This is not to say that one is better than the other… I believe  many will continue their current mode of Christian practices in a manner of propriety & wholeheartedness, while doing their best to be faithful to what they believe the Lord is asking of them.  For those who are going through a reevaluation process… it will take some quality time to work through this season of change…  From my experience, it has been a crazy journey watching this take place, right before my eyes as I’ve worked with other Leaders as they try to Manage their way through the “Rough Seas.” In great concern I’ve witnessed the immense pressure some of my associates & friends have been going through, & I have been personally affected to great depths…  It will be a unique season indeed… There is nothing new in all this, it has been going on from the very beginning of the Church.  This will take some time & many will be misunderstood throughout this Exiling of sorts… One key question that is Paramount, for each person to be considering is “What is the Lord asking of Me?”  For this Season Right Now…Our willingness to STOP the Redundancies, at least for short time, will prove to give an opportunity to see clearly all that is going on around us… Be Advised this Momentary “PAUSE” will COST Much…

But I Firmly Believe it will be well worth it…

Much much more to say on this topic…  Grace & Peace


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