27 Aug

Push the Gate Open… DO IT !

We need to be faithful & be willing to step into the Future that God has in store for our lives… Set the Date & Get it Moving…. God is able to handle all the Recoils…

Our Faithfulness will bring about positive changes in other peoples lives… We must pull things together & put it all into motion…The Holy Spirit will bring us the needed power as we step out with Faith… He is known to confirm our direction as we get in motion towards our directives… Life is not about being comfortable… what is most important is to be Faithful to what the Lord is asking of us… more than likely this will bring about uncomfortable situations & circumstances… So what…. I’d rather be uncomfortable doing what I’m supposed to be doing than being Comfortable doing what I’m not supposed to be doing…

As the Road Narrows… our Vision becomes easier 2 C where we ought 2 B going…

Many are being prodded 2 travel the Road Less Traveled… In 2 a Future that is quite Blurry…

Be Faithfull 2 what the LORD is Asking of you & stick with it…

Grace & Peace 4 UR Journey


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