“Can 2 Walk Together, Unless they R Agreed?”

20 Aug

“Can 2 Walk Together, Unless they R Agreed?”  Amos 3:3

Being Faithful to our Mission… May mean we will have to Love some people from a distance…

Those who are prone to be…

  • critical spirited
  • competing with everyone
  • dragging us down
  • unable to see what we are seeing (Vision)
  • & so on…

This does not mean that we are just to leave these people out of our lives…. but it does mean we must be careful in looking to them for our validation & approval in  what we believe is our mission… We are here to influence others with Grace filled responses… but the truth be known, some people will not be able to be there with us, when we walk through the next doorways of our lives… This should also remind us that we need to be standing with others as they make there advancements in life, especially when we may not fully comprehend all that is taking place… We need to be those who embrace each others specific gifts & be able to Encourage everyone on their way…

It will be very helpful for our futures & as we plan our next steps… If the People who are ‘with’ us… are Really FOR Us…


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